Here I want to present an overview of my creative works:
Although I am mainly photographing landscapes, and that preferable during motorcycle travels or MTB tours, I do not avoid animal captures. Besides I engage myself in photographing people, architecture, inside shots, garden and of course drone pictures and films. For me the photographing and the post processing are equally important. Out of this results that I also do abstract works.
Some shots or films origin from contractual work, many from 500px, some from photo competitions, others are such which I just personally like.

Danube Canal, Vienna

In my Vienna series I tried to catch the special High Summer feeling. The Danube Canal is for this a perfect location, since you meet there day and night relaxed people.

Street, Vienna

This is one of my first street works. A restaurant table, separated from the premise itself by a pavement and a cycle path was the optimum location for that purpose.

Easter Mountain

During Easter time I did a shot of the mountain Tschirgant. I printed the picture and filled it with water colour, scanned it in again and then blended it with the original image.

View from Sinnesbrunn

This is for me personally my first “real” picture. It originates from a MTB tour in autumn. In Tyrol is autumn generally the right season for nice, colorful photos and the relatively clear air then facilitates perfect longshots.


Hermann’s Harleys

For the photo competition “Ransack the Universe” I did a series of yellow works. Basically a picture suitable as imprint for beer cans was asked for.
Text to the picture: Yellow is the color of envy, and who does not envy Hermann for his Harleys?


Universe Connected

The idea of this work is to suggest at the same time strength, quality and durability. And it connects all who believe in these virtues. Also wrapped around a can of beer it will look great.
The motive I found at the Ehrenberger suspension bridge. (wire rope anchoring)



The elements of this abstract work originate from a travel to Lanzarote together with Tom and a water melon from which I cut out a heart using a cookie molding form.
“If you know Lanzarote a bit, you for sure noticed this mystical rock formation within the frozen lava fields by travelling around a bit. It is Lancelot, who – as we know – was Knight of the Blackboard, but no longer allowed to search for the Holy Grail. So he had time enough to do much better things, like ransacking the Universe … when you pass by, remember his large heart and follow him!”

Light Detector

Also this work originates in Lanzarote. I took this selfi inside the elevator of our hotel in Lanzarote after a successful photo series and a visit in a local pub …
The title should  explain my attitude to photography: Photographer and camera build a unit which interpret the incoming light.

Developing Photos

Just as in earlier times in the analog photography photos have been developed out of negatives, today the digital captures are post processed till they are to the liking of the photographer.



This picture shows the water of the large spring of Mühlsprung. Using some post processing I could give it an interesting fabric like structure.


This picture was done by dropping ink into a large glass bowl illuminated by the afternoon sun. Using Photoshop for post processing I tried to get some 3D and color effects into it.


Happy New Year!

This picture was also done by dropping ink into water. It reminds me on a champagne bottle and new year lucky charm …


See You!

After a sleepless night I wanted to take a picture of my house. As I turned around I saw the small rainbow and then I had to shoot quickly before it completely disappeared. The titel “See You!” I chose, because the clouds look as if they want to greet me.

Spring Awakening

This picture was taken during waiting for a fox coming out of his den together with Tom. After a longer waiting time I directed my camera towards the by the sun warmed forest floor to find a more grateful motive.
I somehow like kitschy photos, because live is hard enough …


Gurgltal Valley Huts

As Tom usually says, really good captures are taken either in the early morning or the evening. In this case I followed his recommendation, and arrived at the location at 6 am, and I have to agree that he is right!


Swiss Quality

On my way home from a 2 weeks motorbike journey, the Flüela Pass in Switzerland was my last photo break. It was already in the early evening and the light was good. Earlier I had been at the Pyrenees (Spain, France, Andorra). Travelling by bike you cannot always wait for the right time of the day for the best light conditions, but sometimes you are lucky… and as I thought about it, I also got the title “Swiss Quality”


Zen or the Art of Motorcycle Driving

This film origenates from a motorcycle tour to Corsica. The content is based on the famous book “Zen or the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” by Robert M. Pirsig. All they know this phylosophical novel, or are motorcyclists, or like trash films will love this …


During a motorcycle tour to Tuscany we had about 6 cameras with us. We wanted to make a video in which each situation is filmed from different perspectives. Each of the 4 participants selected his favorite Italian song and each time he is in the focus this song is played.

Selfie with sunglasses

This selfie I did to inaugurate my newly purchased Sigma HSM Art 1,4 105 mm lens. It is just perfect for portraits, but also for sky captures (it makes clouds lively and vibrant).