Individual Photo Session
  • At least 2 hours of photographing
  • Professional post processing of the pictures (up to 15 photos)
  • High definition print of pictures in format 10×15 up to 420x594 possible
  • All pictures on digital medium
  • Choose your theme (portrait, group, landscape, location, macro) and place
Photo Workshop
  • Benefit from our expirience
  • We teach you the efficient usage of camera and lenses
  • According to your needs (landscape, portraits, buildings, macro) we adjust the content of the workshop sessions
  • Processing of RAW files with common software tools
Photo Processing
  • We explain you the usage of common photography processing software like Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Gimp from the RAW file to the optimized picture
  • Isolated development of individual picture regions
  • HDR Photos and merging of multiple RAW Files
  • Automation and Scripting of processing steps
Website Building
  • If you want more than a out of the box website (which eventually also looks like that) :
  • Detailed and professional implementation of your idea in responsive design
  • Competent development of effects, functions and media integration
  • Optimizing response time of websit